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OntarioLearn Course Details Start at 01/14/2020

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Course Details
Course Title Chemical Dependency and Substance Use and Abuse
Conestoga Course Code OLRN8420
Host College St. Lawrence College
OntarioLearn Course Code SL-CSSL77
Start Date 01/14/2020
End Date 04/21/2020
Course Fee $406.20
Hours 45
Course Description This course educates students about drug and alcohol use and the abuse of various substances in the body and how it affects ones Behaviour. An introduction to the science of Pharmacology is included and students will study a number of drugs such as: alcohol, nicotine, prescription drugs, hallucinogens, cocaine, narcotics and marijuana, inhalants and steroids. They will also examine concepts of clinical practice and program design and learn how and when to apply them.
Midterm Exam Format No exam requirement
Final Exam Format No exam requirement
Final Exam Group 01/14/2020 
Other Evaluation Details Discussion Posts 20%, Assignment 25%, Quizzes 30%, Final Paper 25%
Minimum Passing Mark 50
Mandatory Chats No
Mandatory Group Work TBA
Other Details
Platform Blackboard
Computer Software Requirements
Textbook Information Purchase textbook from No substitutions unless otherwise stated.
  Textbook #1 Textbook #2 Textbook #3 Textbook #4
Textbook Title Fundamentals of Addiction
Author Herie and Skinner
Publisher Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Edition 4th revised
ISBN 9781771141475
Special Instructions
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