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OntarioLearn Course Details Start at 05/12/2020

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Course Details
Course Title Legal Components in a Forensic Investigation
Conestoga Course Code OLRN1394
Host College Algonquin College
OntarioLearn Course Code AL-LAW5049
Start Date 05/12/2020
End Date 08/18/2020
Course Fee $438.96
Hours 50
Course Description Fraud investigators engage in just about any type of investigation, including criminal or civil, and must always work within the limits of the law. Students are introduced to the rules of statutory, civil and criminal laws relevant to the conduct of forensic investigations. They gain an understanding of the Canadian legal system and familiarize themselves with the rules of evidence; federal and provincial statutory, civil and common law systems; the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; the court systems in Canada; and the Canadian Criminal Code and the Criminal Justice System. Differences between direct and circumstantial evidence are also explored.
Midterm Exam Format No exam requirement
Final Exam Format No exam requirement
Final Exam Group 05/12/2020 
Other Evaluation Details Discussion Posts 20%, Assignments 60%, Quizzes 20%
Minimum Passing Mark 50
Mandatory Chats Yes
Mandatory Group Work Yes
Other Details
Platform d2l/brightspace
Computer Software Requirements
Textbook Information Purchase Textbook #1 from Purchase Textbook #2 from No substitutions unless otherwise stated.
  Textbook #1 Textbook #2 Textbook #3 Textbook #4
Textbook Title ACFI Fraud Manual Access Code Law of Fraud and Forensic Investigator
Author ACFI Debenham
Publisher ACFI Carswell
Edition 9th 6th
ISBN 88880061762 9780779889532
Special Instructions
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