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OntarioLearn Course Details Start at 05/10/2022

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Course Details
Course Title Bridging Two Worlds: Connecting with Indigenous Peoples of Canada
Conestoga Course Code OLRN1332
Host College Mohawk College
OntarioLearn Course Code MO-INDS10015
Start Date 05/10/2022
End Date 08/16/2022
Course Fee $409.50
Hours 42
Course Description This course is intended for students who want to familiarize themselves with Indigenous worldviews. It will allow participants to learn from Indigenous people to dispel stereotypes, myths and explore the historic and contemporary representations of Indigenous peoples of Canada. Using the Medicine Wheel to incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing, we will examine the important and significance of Land, Identify, Education and Health to Indigenous people. We will identify and discuss major events in Canada that have lead to the issues facing Indigenous people today and build knowledge and skills to interact in a mutually respectful way with Indigenous peoples in our communities and workplaces.
Midterm Exam Format No exam requirement
Final Exam Format No exam requirement
Final Exam Group 05/10/2022 
Other Evaluation Details Discussion Posts 50%, Paper 20%, Final Project 30%
Minimum Passing Mark 50
Mandatory Chats
Mandatory Group Work
Other Details
Platform d2l/brightspace
Computer Software Requirements
Textbook Information No textbook required.
  Textbook #1 Textbook #2 Textbook #3 Textbook #4
Textbook Title
Special Instructions
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