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OntarioLearn Course Details Start at 05/10/2022

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Course Details
Course Title Essentials of Domestic Relocation - CANCELLED
Conestoga Course Code OLRN1556
Host College Seneca College
OntarioLearn Course Code SE-ERM102
Start Date 05/10/2022
End Date 08/16/2022
Course Fee $409.50
Hours 42
Pre-requisites OLRN1554
Course Description This course will help you develop the necessary skills to establish and administer an effective domestic relocation program that addresses the human dynamics of a move, while meeting the business objectives of the organization.
Midterm Exam Format Online-no supervision requirement
Final Exam Format Online-Proctored
Final Exam Group 05/10/2022 
Other Evaluation Details Concept Check Questions 10%, Application Opportunities 10%, Mid-Term Examination 10%, Case Study 20%, Final Exam 50%
Minimum Passing Mark 70
Mandatory Chats No
Mandatory Group Work
Other Details
Platform Blackboard
Computer Software Requirements None.
Textbook Information No Textbook required.
  Textbook #1 Textbook #2 Textbook #3 Textbook #4
Textbook Title
Special Instructions
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