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OntarioLearn Course Details Start at 05/10/2022

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Course Details
Course Title French 5
Conestoga Course Code OLRN1765
Host College Durham College
OntarioLearn Course Code DU-LANG5982
Start Date 05/10/2022
End Date 08/16/2022
Course Fee $409.50
Hours 42
Pre-requisites OLRN1755
Course Description This course will allow students to develop their skills in writing, reading and producing moderately complex texts related to their profession. They will learn reading and writing strategies and use digital tools to improve their writing skills. In addition, the student will acquire skills in reading comprehension. Thus, the learner will become a competent reader and writer for the labor market of today and tomorrow. The student may reach level 8 of the CLB / NCLC Benchmark
Midterm Exam Format No exam requirement
Final Exam Format No exam requirement
Final Exam Group 05/10/2022 
Other Evaluation Details Summative Evaluations 100%
Minimum Passing Mark 50
Mandatory Chats No
Mandatory Group Work No
Other Details
Platform Moodle
Computer Software Requirements A headset or microphone and speakers are required for the oral parts of this course.
Textbook Information No textbook required.
  Textbook #1 Textbook #2 Textbook #3 Textbook #4
Textbook Title
Special Instructions
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