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Course Name Course Number Status
A+ Essentials - Hardware COMP1413 Details
A+ Essentials - Operating System Software COMP1417 Details
Abnormal Psychology OLRN1970 Details
Aboriginal Peoples: Understanding and Reducing Victimization OLRN1254 Details
Access - Expert OLRN1030 Details
Access - Specialist OLRN1980 Details
Accounting Basics I OLRN1715 Details
Accounting Basics II OLRN1725 Details
Accounting Theory and Policy OLRN1007 Details
ACE Apprenticeship Math OLRN1555 Details
ACE Biology OLRN1575 Details
ACE Business Mathematics OLRN1565 Details
ACE Chemistry OLRN1585 Details
ACE Communications OLRN1406 Details
ACE Computers OLRN1526 Details
ACE Core Math OLRN1535 Details
ACE Physics OLRN1590 Details
ACE Self Management and Self Direction OLRN1515 Details
ACE Technology Math OLRN1545 Details
ACE University Chemistry Preparation OLRN1035 Details
ACE University Level Biology OLRN1112 Details
Acquisitions LIBR1100 Details
Active Records Management LIBR1270 Details
Adobe Illustrator - Digital Illustration and Design I OLRN1965 Details
Adobe InDesign Basics COMP1117 Details
Adult Learning OLRN1995 Details
Adults with Learning Disabilities OLRN1780 Details
Advanced Boiler Systems and Pumps MECH1700 Details
Advanced Design Principles GRDN1010 Details
Advanced Financial Accounting OLRN1029 Details
Advanced Medical Transcription OLRN1052 Details
Agile Methodologies COMP1990 Details
Aging in Society SOC1120 Details
Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Inspection OLRN1155 Details
Android Application Development PROG1015 Details
Animal Husbandry II SCIE1340 Details
Anthropology OLRN1298 Details
Applied Resource Calculations OLRN1184 Details
Applied Strategies for Literacy and Numeracy Instruction ADED1140 Details
Archives LIBR1150 Details
Arrhythmia Interpretation OLRN1161 Details
Art Through The Ages OLRN2070 Details
Assembly, Wrapping and Packaging of Instrumentation, Supplies and Patient Care Equipment HEAL1350 Details
Assessing and Evaluating Literacy Learning OLRN1048 Details
Assessment and Evaluation OLRN1050 Details
Auditing I OLRN1084 Details
AutoCAD Advanced DRWG1345 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Basic Animal Husbandry SCIE1320 Details
Basic Concepts of Reliability QUAL1060 Details
Basic Electrical Theory and Motor Controls ELEC1780 Details
Basic Quark Xpress COMP1058 Details
Basic Veterinary Pharmacology SCIE1360 Details
Beginning Medical Transcription OLRN1047 Details
Behaviour Management and Crisis Intervention SOCS1260 Details
Behavioural Skill Building EDUC8065 Details
Benefits Administration OLRN1179 Details
Building and Maintaining Customer Relationships OLRN1075 Details
Business Analysis Introduction MGMT1045 Details
Business Analysis Introduction (COURSE FULL) MGMT1045 Details
Business Case Development MGMT1640 Details
Business Development for Entrepreneurship and Small Business OLRN1177 Details
Business Facilitation and Communication MGMT1055 Details
Business Finance I OLRN1076 Details
Business Law OLRN1440 Details
Business Math MATH1002 Details
Business Process Modeling and Improvement MGMT1065 Details
Business Report Writing OLRN1080 Details
Business Statistics MATH1035 Details
Business Writing Strategies COMM1865 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Calculus OLRN1186 Details
Canada Pension Plan SOCS1120 Details
Canadian Criminal Justice System OLRN1314 Details
Canadian Literature OLRN2080 Details
Canadian Politics OLRN1935 Details
Capstone Course, Skills Integration LANG1370 Details
Career Mapping and Job Attainment OLRN2091 Details
Censorship, The Media and You OLRN1261 Details
Child Development I OLRN1502 Details
Child Development II OLRN1597 Details
Childhood Victimization OLRN1497 Details
Children's Services and Issues (COURSE FULL) LIBR1130 Details
Circulation and Inter-Library Loan LIBR1115 Details
CNC Programming - Basic PROG1755 Details
CNC Programming - Intermediate PROG1765 Details
Co-dependency as an Addiction OLRN1486 Details
Coaching and Developing People OLRN1835 Details
Cognitive Development, Trauma and Loss - Children's Mental Health OLRN1417 Details
Colour and Application OLRN1324 Details
Comfort Measures PALL1030 Details
Commercial Construction Principles OLRN1098 Details
Communication (Leadership Development Series) MGMT1330 Details
Communication (Leadership Development) MGMT1330 Details
Communication and the Food Service Worker OLRN1266 Details
Communication/Professional Practices OLRN1195 Details
Communications for Business II OLRN1985 Details
Communications I COMM1770 Details
Community Advocacy Techniques SOCS1110 Details
Community AdvocacyTechniques SOCS1110 Details
Compassion Fatigue, Self-Care and Professional Practice OLRN1246 Details
Compensation Management OLRN1100 Details
Computer Applications for Business I OLRN1087 Details
Computer Applications in Human Resources OLRN1183 Details
Computer Applications in Quality Assurance QUAL1020 Details
Computer Keyboarding Skills I COMP1122 Details
Computer Skills for Small Business OLRN1092 Details
Computer-Aided Drafting I DRWG1225 Details
Computerized Accounting (formerly Sage 50) OLRN1319 Details
Condominium Administration and Human Relations OLRN1403 Details
Connecting Networks (Cisco Certified Network Associate 4) COMP1036 Details
Consecutive Interpreting LANG1330 Details
Construction Blueprints and Methods CONS1090 Details
Construction Contract Bid Management CONS1030 Details
Construction Job Site Management CONS1040 Details
Construction Planning and Scheduling OLRN1102 Details
Consumer Behaviour OLRN1214 Details
Consumer Protection Laws Part I SOCS1150 Details
Consumer Protection Laws Part II SOCS1220 Details
Contemporary Canadian Issues OLRN1181 Details
Contemporary Canadian Social Problems OLRN1027 Details
Continuous Improvement Process - MLCP OLRN1025 Details
Coping with Death: Counselling, Support Groups and Alternative Therapies HEAL1530 Details
Copyright - Introduction OLRN1081 Details
Corporate Law (ILCO) OLRN0600 Details
Corporate Practice and Procedure OLRN1422 Details
Correctional Practices OLRN1316 Details
Cost and Managerial Accounting I ACCT1350 Details
Cost and Managerial Accounting II ACCT1360 Details
Cost Management OLRN1193 Details
Counselling Skills in Oncology OLRN1234 Details
Creating a Corporate Service Culture BUS1360 Details
Creating a Dementia Care Skill Kit OLRN1734 Details
Creative & Critical Thinking (Leadership Development) MGMT1950 Details
Creative Writing OLRN0130 Details
Creative Writing for Beginners OLRN0120 Details
Criminal Law-Legal Administration OLRN1069 Details
Criminal Psychology - Psychopathic Minds OLRN1150 Details
Criminal Psychology II - Criminal Minds OLRN1160 Details
Criminology OLRN1170 Details
Criminology OLRN1171 Details
Cults and Terrorism OLRN1103 Details
Current Issues in Adult Education OLRN1038 Details
Curriculum Development OLRN1200 Details
Customer Service & Ethics OLRN1072 Details
Customer Service and Sales in Industrial Distribution MKT1340 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Database Design for Info Workers (7 weeks) COMP1165 Details
Database Design for Information Workers COMP1165 Details
Dealing with Difficult People COMM1465 Details
Decontamination Principles, Procedures and Practices HEAL1340 Details
Decontamination Principles, Procedures and Practices in sterile processing HEAL1340 Details
Dental Terminology OLRN1105 Details
Design Basics GRDN1000 Details
Designing, Implementing & Managing a GIS Database PROG1220 Details
Designing, Implementing, & Managing a GIS Database PROG1220 Details
Desktop Publishing for Business COMP1042 Details
Developing a Course with Desire2Learn COMP1327 Details
Developing a Graphic Design Portfolio GRDN1030 Details
Developing Effective Teams OLRN1345 Details
Developing Leadership Capacity OLRN1435 Details
Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET and C# PROG1005 Details
Development Sustainability & Evaluation of Dementia Care Programs OLRN1738 Details
Developmental Psychology OLRN1220 Details
Diabetes Education: Approaches in Practice OLRN8010 Details
Diabetes: The Basics OLRN8000 Details
Diabetes: Through the Lifespan OLRN8030 Details
Diabetes:Through the Lifespan OLRN8030 Details
Digital Communication OLRN1328 Details
Digital Media in Libraries LIBR8000 Details
Disabilities and Disorders SOCS1255 Details
Disinfection and Sterilization Concepts and Techniques HEAL1360 Details
Dispute Resolution OLRN1375 Details
Diversity & First Nations OLRN1495 Details
Diversity and First Nations OLRN1495 Details
Diversity and Victim Assistance OLRN1533 Details
Document Management Technology LIBR1280 Details
Domestic and Workplace Violence OLRN1230 Details
Donor Relationships in Fundraising OLRN1311 Details
Dramatic Scriptwriting COMM1735 Details
Dreamweaver (Webpage Authoring) OLRN1990 Details
Dreamweaver Advanced OLRN1975 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Electrical Inspection OLRN1000 Details
Electronic Publishing and Emerging Library Technologies COMP1430 Details
Employment Insurance Act SOCS1200 Details
Employment Law OLRN1182 Details
Employment Law for Leadership Development MGMT1340 Details
Employment Standards Act SOCS1160 Details
Empowerment in Dementia Care OLRN1742 Details
Energy Resources (Alternative Energy) OLRN1116 Details
English 1 (Communications I) OLRN1250 Details
English I (Communications I) OLRN1250 Details
English II (Communications II) OLRN1260 Details
Enhancing Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Dementia Care OLRN1736 Details
Ensuring Successful Printing Results GRDN1020 Details
Entrepreneurship OLRN1271 Details
Entrepreneurship I OLRN1271 Details
Environment Management, An Introduction OLRN1552 Details
Environmental Citizenship OLRN1465 Details
Environmental Laws & Regulations OLRN1280 Details
Environmental Services (Retirement Communities/LTC) OLRN1199 Details
Environmental Site Assessment and Reporting OLRN1113 Details
Ergonomics OHS1210 Details
Essentials in Health Records Management OLRN1169 Details
Essentials of Canadian History LIBS1160 Details
Essentials of Writing Fiction OLRN1090 Details
Estates (ILCO) OLRN0610 Details
Ethical Issues in Business BUS1380 Details
Ethical, Legal, and Spiritual Concerns PALL1040 Details
Ethical/Legal and Spiritual Concerns PALL1040 Details
Ethics and Professionalism EDUC8040 Details
Ethics and the Professional Role ADED1020 Details
Excel - Core OLRN1293 Details
Excel - Expert OLRN1303 Details
Excel Formulas OLRN1294 Details
Exploring Dementia Care OLRN1732 Details
Exterior Inspection OLRN1175 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Family Law Practice and Procedure OLRN1322 Details
Family Relationships and their Impact on Psychiatric Disorders OLRN1353 Details
Field to Fork: Introduction to Local and Global Food Systems FOOD1400 Details
Field Work 1 (Library and Info Tech Diploma) LIBR1240 Details
Field Work 2 (Library and Info Tech Diploma) LIBR1250 Details
Field Work I (Library and Information Technology) LIBR1240 Details
Field Work II (Library and Information Technology) LIBR1250 Details
Finance (COURSE FULL) FIN1070 Details
Finance (Leadership Development Series) FIN1070 Details
Finance and Accounting Math OLRN1615 Details
Financial Accounting Concepts OLRN1028 Details
Financial Management (Retirement Communities/Long Term Care) OLRN1202 Details
Financial Planning for Condominium Managers OLRN1462 Details
Financial Planning for Condominium Managers (COURSE FULL) OLRN1462 Details
Financial Systems for Operations Management OLRN1428 Details
Fire Protection OHS1220 Details
First Nations Peoples OLRN1001 Details
Flash-An Introduction OLRN1350 Details
Flash-Intermediate OLRN1360 Details
Floor Plans, Space Planning and Presentations IDEC1055 Details
Food Nutrition & Hospitality Management for LTCM/RCM OLRN1197 Details
Food Security and Food Justice in Canada FOOD1440 Details
Food System Trends and Policy in Canada Today FOOD1410 Details
Forensic Psychology OLRN1370 Details
Forest Measurement-Theory OLRN1123 Details
Foundational Strategies for Literacy and Numeracy Instruction ADED1160 Details
Foundations of Mathematics OLRN1158 Details
French 1 OLRN1140 Details
French 2 OLRN1240 Details
French 3 OLRN1745 Details
French 4 OLRN1755 Details
French 5 OLRN1765 Details
French Ecrit OLRN1775 Details
Fundamental Mathematics OLRN2000 Details
Fundamental Skill Consolidation - Paramedic Leadership MGMT1310 Details
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Management OLRN1752 Details
Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety Law OLRN1236 Details
Fundamentals of Quality Assurance QUAL1030 Details
Fundamentals of UNIX OLRN1281 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Genre Fiction and Readers' Advisory Service LIBR1160 Details
Geographical Information Systems Software - ArcView PROG1210 Details
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing DIMM1090 Details
Gerontology OLRN1207 Details
Global Logistics OLRN1418 Details
Global Positioning Systems SCIE1140 Details
Global Warming Concepts OLRN1264 Details
Globalization and Sustainability OLRN1467 Details
Grammar for Writing Professionals OLRN1400 Details
Group Learning and Team Development OLRN1034 Details
Growing Up Digital - Living and Working in Canada OLRN2140 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Hazard Identification OHS1040 Details
Health Assessment OLRN1233 Details
Health Assessment Theory Review for Nurses OLRN1037 Details
Health Libraries and Resources LIBR1220 Details
Healthy Adult Aging OLRN1192 Details
Heating Inspection I OLRN1115 Details
Heating Inspection II OLRN1125 Details
History of Indigenous Canadian Relations OLRN1390 Details
History of Indigenous Canadian Relations (formerly History of Aboriginal/Canadian Relations) OLRN1390 Details
History of Photography OLRN1268 Details
Hockey Hall of Fame Presents OLRN1285 Details
How to Start a Small Business OLRN1067 Details
HTML Intermediate OLRN1256 Details
HTML Introduction OLRN1054 Details
Human Anatomy and Physiology OLRN1267 Details
Human Relations OLRN1226 Details
Human Relations (Leadership Development Series) HRM1380 Details
Human Relations and Supervision (Library and Info Tech) MGMT1600 Details
Human Relations and Supervision (Library) MGMT1600 Details
Human Resource Management Principles OLRN1420 Details
Human Resource Planning and Development OLRN1430 Details
Human Resources & Labour Relations in the Retirement Communities Management OLRN1198 Details
Human Rights in Ontario SOCS1180 Details
Human Sexuality OLRN1020 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Identification, Care and Handling of Instrumentation HEAL1330 Details
Impact of Aviation on Canadian National Development LIBS1710 Details
Indexing and Subject Analysis LIBR1085 Details
Indigenous Peoples - A Global Perspective OLRN1244 Details
Industrial Distribution Integrated Case Study BUS1950 Details
Industrial Hygiene OHS1230 Details
Information Technology for Library Technicians COMP1426 Details
Institutional Food Service OLRN1686 Details
Instructional Techniques OLRN1460 Details
Instructional Technology in Adult Education OLRN1760 Details
Integrated Marketing Communication I MKT1420 Details
Integrated Marketing Communication II MKT1460 Details
Interactive Learning Processes OLRN1191 Details
Interior/Insulation Inspection OLRN1185 Details
Intermediate Accounting I OLRN2012 Details
Intermediate Accounting II OLRN2022 Details
Internet Essentials OLRN1243 Details
Internet Mapping PROG1230 Details
Interpersonal and Group Dynamics OLRN1031 Details
Introduction to Analytics and Big Data COMP1965 Details
Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis EDUC8000 Details
Introduction to Arts & Sciences (formerly Humanities) OLRN2150 Details
Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder EDUC8010 Details
Introduction to Business Management & Organizational Behaviour OLRN1470 Details
Introduction to C# Programming OLRN1282 Details
Introduction to Children's Literature OLRN1295 Details
Introduction to Complementary Therapies OLRN1149 Details
Introduction to Computers OLRN1480 Details
Introduction to Computers II OLRN1746 Details
Introduction to Condominium Law OLRN1397 Details
Introduction to Cost Estimating CONS1010 Details
Introduction to E-Business OLRN1209 Details
Introduction to Financial Management Accounting OLRN1490 Details
Introduction to Fundraising OLRN1208 Details
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems INFO1820 Details
Introduction to Geology: An Overview of Planet Earth OLRN1119 Details
Introduction to Guitar OLRN1748 Details
Introduction to Intercultural Communication OLRN1326 Details
Introduction to Interior Decorating IDEC1075 Details
Introduction to Legal Office Practice & Procedures OLRN1570 Details
Introduction to Libraries and the Information Industry LIBR1000 Details
Introduction to Mental Health OLRN1380 Details
Introduction to Mental Health Practice OLRN1380 Details
Introduction to Metadata and Metadata Applications LIBR1300 Details
Introduction to Needs Analysis ADED1040 Details
Introduction to Networks (Cisco Certified Network Associate) COMP1033 Details
Introduction to Nutrition (formerly LO-HLTH8119) OLRN1086 Details
Introduction to Pharmacology OLRN1500 Details
Introduction to Project Management OLRN1510 Details
Introduction to Psychology OLRN1057 Details
Introduction to Research Design OLRN1289 Details
Introduction to Science OLRN2180 Details
Introduction to Small Business and Entrepreneurship OLRN1174 Details
Introduction to Sociology OLRN1530 Details
Introduction to Spoken Language LANG1320 Details
Introduction to Supply Chain and Operations Management OPER1160 Details
Introduction to Sustainable Development OLRN1017 Details
Introduction to Thanatology HEAL1500 Details
Investment Planning OLRN1133 Details
iPhone Application Development PROG1195 Details
Issues in Digital Resource Management and Technologies LIBR8010 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Java Advanced OLRN1566 Details
Java Intermediate OLRN1540 Details
Java Introduction OLRN1550 Details
JavaScript OLRN1561 Details
Job Development CARD8110 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Labour Relations OLRN1203 Details
Landlord & Tenant Law LAW1500 Details
Language Interpreter - Sight Translation LANG1340 Details
Language Interpreter - Simultaneous LANG1350 Details
Law Libraries and Legal Research LIBR1190 Details
Law Office Accounting OLRN1438 Details
Leadership in a Team Environment OLRN1366 Details
Leadership in Organizations OLRN1194 Details
Leading Responsibly (Leadership Development Series) MGMT1990 Details
Leading Teams (Leadership Development Series) MGMT1980 Details
Learning Disabilities and Adult Literacy ADED1330 Details
Learning from Death and Dying HEAL1540 Details
Learning Strategies - Learning How to Learn OLRN2190 Details
Learning, Thinking and Problem Solving OLRN1395 Details
Legal Research and Analytic Thinking LAW1580 Details
Legal Terminology OLRN1580 Details
Legislation for Health and Safety OHS1240 Details
Let's Start Ojibwe OLRN1248 Details
Let's Talk Sports OLRN1258 Details
Library Classification LIBR1075 Details
Library Financial Management and Budgeting LIBR1120 Details
Library Financial Management and Budgeting (7 weeks) LIBR1120 Details
Library Leadership in the Digital Age LIBR8020 Details
Library Programming, Marketing and Advocacy LIBR1045 Details
Life and Death Issues in Financial Planning OLRN1132 Details
Litigation Practice and Procedure 1 OLRN1312 Details
Litigation Practice and Procedure 2 OLRN1383 Details
Living with Diabetes OLRN8020 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Macroeconomics OLRN1600 Details
Making It Work ADED1090 Details
Management Information Systems OLRN1002 Details
Management Principles OLRN1455 Details
Management/Leadership Skills OLRN1610 Details
Managing a Diverse Learning Environment OLRN1046 Details
Managing Change (COURSE FULL) MGMT1995 Details
Managing Change (Leadership Development Series) MGMT1995 Details
Managing Requirements and Engagements MGMT1075 Details
Manufacturing Processes MANU1050 Details
Marketing Channels MKT1430 Details
Marketing Digitally MKT1440 Details
Marketing I OLRN1593 Details
Marketing II OLRN1595 Details
Marketing Research MKT1450 Details
Material and Operations Management OLRN1211 Details
Material Estimating and Methods CONS1020 Details
Math for PreHealth I OLRN1187 Details
Medical Conditions for Medical Office Professionals OLRN1630 Details
Medical Keyboarding OLRN1582 Details
Medical Office Procedures OLRN1263 Details
Medical OHIP Billing OLRN1643 Details
Medical Terminology OLRN1641 Details
Medical Terminology-Level 2 (Pronunciation) OLRN1955 Details
Medical Transcription Fundamentals OLRN1049 Details
Medical Transcription Styles & Practices OLRN1053 Details
Men as Victims OLRN1547 Details
Mental Health and Society PSYC1200 Details
Methods of Fundraising OLRN1206 Details
Microbiology and Infection Control HEAL1320 Details
Microbiology and Infection Control for sterile processing HEAL1320 Details
Microeconomics OLRN1650 Details
Microsoft Office 2010 COMP1258 Details
MicroSoft Office 2013 COMP1183 Details
Microsoft Office 365 for Business OLRN1605 Details
Minerals OLRN1121 Details
Mortgage Agent Program OLRN1070 Details
Mourning, Grief & Bereavement: Reactions and Responses to Death HEAL1520 Details
MS Office 2016 OLRN1327 Details
Multiculturalism and Diversity in the Canadian Context OLRN1259 Details
MySQL Databases PROG1102 Details
Myths and Legends OLRN1680 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Negotiations in Industrial Distribution BUS1790 Details
Network+ OLRN1247 Details
Nutrition OLRN1018 Details
Nutrition in Health Care OLRN1096 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Occupational Health and Safety OLRN1690 Details
Oceanography OLRN1124 Details
Office Technology and Procedures OLRN2055 Details
Oncology Nursing 1 - RN NURS8810 Details
Oncology Nursing 1 - RPN PNUR8400 Details
Oncology Nursing 1 -RPN PNUR8400 Details
Oncology Nursing 1- RN NURS8810 Details
Oncology Nursing 2 - RN NURS8820 Details
Oncology Nursing 2 - RPN PNUR8410 Details
Oncology Nursing 3 - RN NURS8830 Details
Oncology Nursing 3 - RPN PNUR8420 Details
Oncology Nursing 4 - RN NURS8840 Details
Oncology Nursing 4 - RPN PNUR8430 Details
Oncology Nursing 5 NURS8850 Details
Online Searching LIBR1015 Details
Ontario Disability Support Program Act SOCS1190 Details
Ontario Works Act SOCS1130 Details
Operational Overview OLRN1204 Details
Organizational Business Communications COMM1750 Details
Orientation to Palliative Care PALL1060 Details
Our Domain: Geography and Human Populations LIBS1560 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Palliative Care Communications PALL1070 Details
Parent and Staff Training EDUC8070 Details
Partnerships with Parents OLRN1622 Details
Partnerships with Parents (formerly Working with Parents) OLRN1622 Details
Payroll Administration OLRN1051 Details
Penology OLRN1357 Details
Performance Management (Leadership Development Series) MGMT1960 Details
Performance Management (Leadership Development) MGMT1960 Details
Personal Finance OLRN1128 Details
Personal Selling OLRN1216 Details
Personality Psychology OLRN2200 Details
Personnel Research Techniques & Human Resources Information Systems OLRN1006 Details
Pharmacology for Medical Office Professionals OLRN1700 Details
Pharmacology Theory Review for Nurses OLRN1520 Details
Philosophies of ECE OLRN1608 Details
Philosophy of Art Concepts and Theories OLRN1055 Details
Physical Building Management OLRN1473 Details
Planning for Literacy Learning ADED1130 Details
Planning Programs for Employment Outcomes ADED1340 Details
Plumbing Inspection OLRN1165 Details
Poetry Writing OLRN1040 Details
PowerPoint OLRN1710 Details
Preparatory Biology OLRN1077 Details
Preparatory Physics OLRN1269 Details
Presentations and Desktop Publishing COMP1022 Details
Prevention and Intervention Strategies - Children's Mental Health OLRN1875 Details
Principles of Ethical Reasoning OLRN1024 Details
Principles of Quality Assurance QUAL1040 Details
Principles of Sales OLRN1168 Details
Programming for Absolute Beginners OLRN1740 Details
Programming in C OLRN1750 Details
Project Communications and Human Resource Management MGMT1150 Details
Project Construction Management OLRN1099 Details
Project Contracting, Procurement and Quality Management MGMT1160 Details
Project Cost and Risk Management MGMT1170 Details
Project Introduction, Planning and Control MGMT1140 Details
Project Management (Leadership Development) MGMT1350 Details
Project Management and Scheduling Software OLRN1097 Details
Project Management Applications and Simulation MGMT1180 Details
Psychiatric Disorders Common to the Infant, Child & Adolescent Population OLRN1885 Details
Psychiatric Disorders Common to the Infant, Child & Adolescent Population (COURSE FULL) OLRN1885 Details
Psychological and Social Implications PALL1020 Details
Psychological and Social Implications of Palliative Care PALL1020 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
QMS Process Auditing QUAL1100 Details
Quality Dining Room Service for Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes HOSP1490 Details
Quantitative Methods I OLRN1415 Details
Quantitative Methods II OLRN1845 Details
Quantity Food Preparation OLRN1278 Details
Quest for Wisdom LIBS1650 Details
Quickbooks Level I ACCT1080 Details
Quickbooks Level II ACCT1085 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Racism & Discrimination OLRN1305 Details
Racism and Discrimination OLRN1305 Details
Real Estate Practice and Procedure I OLRN1393 Details
Real Estate Practice and Procedure II OLRN1442 Details
Records and Information Management Fundamentals LIBR1260 Details
Recruitment and Selection OLRN1120 Details
Reference Processes LIBR1025 Details
Reference Services and Sources LIBR1035 Details
Religious Beliefs, Traditions and Customs of Death HEAL1510 Details
Remote Sensing SCIE1130 Details
Researching and Reporting LIBR1290 Details
Resident Centred Care OLRN1189 Details
Residential Tenancies Act Part I SOCS1140 Details
Residential Tenancies Act Part II SOCS1170 Details
Resource Description and Access I LIBR1055 Details
Resource Description and Access II LIBR1065 Details
Restoration Ecology OLRN1114 Details
Retail Management OLRN1695 Details
Risk Factors of Common Psychiatric Disorders in the Infant, Child and Adolescent Population OLRN1373 Details
RN-Coronary Care 1 OLRN1229 Details
RN-Coronary Care 2 OLRN1231 Details
Romance Writing OLRN1003 Details
Roofing Inspection OLRN1135 Details
Routing & Switching Essentials (Cisco Certified Network Associate) COMP1034 Details
Routing and Switching Essentials (Cisco Certified Network Associate) COMP1034 Details
RPN-Coronary Care OLRN1273 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Safe and Secure Environments OLRN1317 Details
Sage 300 ERP (AccPac) Accounts Payable OLRN1019 Details
Sage 300 ERP (AccPac) Accounts Receivable and Payroll OLRN1022 Details
Sage 300 ERP (AccPac) General Ledger OLRN1016 Details
Sage 50 (becoming Computerized Accounting) OLRN1118 Details
Sage 50 Level II (formerly Simply Accounting II) ACCT1075 Details
Sales and Marketing OLRN1201 Details
Same Sex Issues OLRN1905 Details
Sanitation and Safety OLRN1276 Details
Scaling Networks (Cisco Certified Network Associate) COMP1035 Details
School Libraries LIBR1200 Details
Science Fiction OLRN1340 Details
Science of Popular Diets: Impact of Nutrition on Human Wellness OLRN1154 Details
Senior Management for Retirement Communities OLRN1196 Details
Serials LIBR1090 Details
Setting Specific Interpreting LANG1360 Details
Sexual Violence OLRN1061 Details
Small Business Financial Management OLRN1065 Details
Small Business Marketing OLRN1066 Details
Small Claims Court Part I SOCS1230 Details
Small Claims Court Part II SOCS1240 Details
Small Claims Practice and Procedure OLRN1432 Details
Social Media and Society COMM1042 Details
Social Media Marketing OLRN1895 Details
Social Psychology OLRN2220 Details
Sociology: Diversity and Social Change (formerly Sociology II) OLRN2230 Details
Software Application Integration COMP1268 Details
Software Testing COMP1960 Details
SolidWorks - Intermediate DRWG1540 Details
SolidWorks - Introduction DRWG1550 Details
Specialized Instructional Strategies EDUC8020 Details
Sports Psychology OLRN1283 Details
Statics for Engineering Technology CIVL1110 Details
Statistics OLRN1790 Details
Sterile Storage, Inventory Control and Management of Resources HEAL1370 Details
Strategic Leadership for Supply Chain Management OLRN1377 Details
Strategic Management of Campaigns OLRN1212 Details
Strategies for Fostering Client Loyalty BUS1370 Details
Strategies for Instruction for Library Technicians LIBR1310 Details
Stress, Wellness and Nutrition OLRN1074 Details
Structural Inspection OLRN1145 Details
Supervisory Skills for Business & Industry OLRN1315 Details
Supply Chain Administration (Formerly: Logistic Systems I) OLRN1313 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Taxation I OLRN2280 Details
Taxation II OLRN1815 Details
Teaching Online OLRN1762 Details
Technical Calculus I MATH2400 Details
Technical Calculus II MATH2410 Details
Technical Communications OLRN1810 Details
Technical Mathematics OLRN1425 Details
Technical Mathematics II OLRN2040 Details
TESL001: Foundations for English Language Learning TESL8200 Details
TESL002: Foundations for English Language Teaching I TESL8210 Details
TESL002: Foundations for English Language Teaching I TESL8210 Details
TESL003: The Structure and Sound of English I TESL8220 Details
TESL004: Observation/Practicum I TESL8230 Details
TESL005: Foundations for English Language Learning and Teaching II TESL8245 Details
TESL006: The Structure and Sound of English II TESL8250 Details
TESL007: Teaching the Four Language Skills TESL8260 Details
TESL008: Observation/Practicum II TESL8280 Details
TESL009: Observation/Practicum II TESL8280 Details
The Business of Tomorrow MGMT1120 Details
The Construction Industry OLRN1101 Details
The Game of Soccer and its Impact On Society OLRN1073 Details
The Middle Ages and the Modern World: Facts and Fiction LIBS1870 Details
The World of Astronomy OLRN1915 Details
Total Quality Management QUAL1090 Details
Training and Development OLRN1831 Details
Transition Planning and Implementation EDUC8090 Details
Translation in the Workplace 1 LANG1400 Details
Translation in the Workplace 2 LANG1410 Details
Translation in the Workplace 3 LANG1420 Details
Translation in the Workplace 4 LANG1435 Details
Translation in the Workplace 5 LANG1445 Details
Treating Challenging Behaviours EDUC8080 Details
Treatment Options in Dementia Care OLRN1744 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Understanding Literature OLRN1045 Details
Understanding Medical Tests for Medical Office Staff OLRN1850 Details
Understanding Pharmacology and Medical Tests OLRN1159 Details
Understanding Surgical Procedures for Medical Office Staff OLRN1860 Details
Understanding Sustainable Farming: Principles and Practices FOOD1420 Details
UNIX Administration 1 OLRN1279 Details
Urban Agriculture, Community Gardens, Food Secure Cities FOOD1450 Details
User Experience in Libraries LIBR8030 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Veterinary Anaesthesia SCIE1370 Details
Veterinary Lab Procedures SCIE1330 Details
Veterinary Office Skills and Procedures SCIE1300 Details
Veterinary Surgical Procedures SCIE1350 Details
Veterinary Terminology SCIE1310 Details
Victim Assistance Services OLRN1543 Details
Victimization and the Law OLRN1483 Details
Victimology: Assessment and Intervention OLRN1537 Details
Victimology: Theoretical Perspectives OLRN1412 Details
Victims and the Media OLRN1251 Details
Victims of Crime OLRN1457 Details
Victims' Rights Law SOCS1210 Details
Violence Against Women OLRN1493 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Web Design for Mobile Applications PROG1215 Details
Wellness for Children OLRN1617 Details
Westerns: A Study in the Film Genre OLRN1249 Details
What in the World is Going On? OLRN1900 Details
Wills and Estates Practice and Procedure OLRN1318 Details
Windows 10 COMP1459 Details
Windows Server COMP1407 Details
Word - Expert OLRN1940 Details
Word - Specialist OLRN1930 Details
Working and Communicating in a Medical Setting OLRN1448 Details
Working with Families and Teams EDUC8030 Details
World Cinema OLRN1262 Details
Writing a Marketing Plan COMM1805 Details
Writing for Publication I OLRN1950 Details
Writing for Publication II OLRN1960 Details
Writing for the Web OLRN1758 Details
Writing Grammatically OLRN1042 Details
Writing Short Stories OLRN1110 Details
Course Name Course Number Status
Youth in Conflict-PFP OLRN1093 Details
Youth Services and Issues LIBR1230 Details
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