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Non-Conestoga Student OntarioLearn Final Exam Registration

This OntarioLearn final exam registration page is for students who are not registered at Conestoga College for an OntarioLearn course, but would like to write their final exam at Conestoga. There is a non-refundable fee of $50 per exam to write at Conestoga College.

Confirm with your instructor what type of exam you will be writing (in-person paper-based or in-person online). If it is an online exam that is not required to be proctored, the instructor will schedule the exam accordingly.

If you need directions to our College, please click on Campus Maps. Click on the name or pin belonging to the campus you are visiting to get the Google Map directions.

If you are a Conestoga registered student, go to our Conestoga registered final exam booking page. Students can book their final exam date and time by the forth week of their course.

Book Your Final Exam (4 steps)

Step 1: Select a Course Start Date

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